STD code list of countries:

This site gives you code list of all international countries. Along with their international STD code list are presently using by other country users.

  • These are some of codes list of international countries: Australia -61, Canada – 1, Iran – 98, Japan- 81, New Zealand – 64, Pakistan- 92 and others.
  • These codes are used mainly by those users which are nonresident to those countries.

These STD code list of countries can also be downloaded by internet service.

International STD code list:

These codes list is mainly for foreign countries. These codes can be accessed or used by users or dialers of those countries.

  • Here are some of code list: Madrid – 1, Dallas -214, Boston – 617, Dubai- 4, California -209, Washington -202 and other major cities.
  • By these codes users can make calls easily to other cities within their country.

These codes are also known as ISD codes which are only used for International calling.