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Few words about STD Codes :

Introduction of STD code list:

These STD codes can be also termed as subscriber toll dialing. This term is used for telephone that allows user to make trunk calls without operator assistance.

  • Every country in Country has its own std code list.
  • These are some of STD codes that help you in making calls to other cities: 011-Delhi, 022 Mumbai, 0562- Agra, 0522- Lucknow and many others.

These std code search in this website along with other details.

STD code search:

This column gives details about codes searching and std code list download.

  • On this website you can search city codes by their names.
  • You can search these codes online via internet access.

These codes can be found in dictionary also.

STD code list download:

This site gives you facility to download all STD codes through internet service.

  • You can download these codes along with their information.
  • List of these codes can be downloaded from anywhere at any time via internet service.
  • These codes are easy in downloading.